What is Gift A Concert?

Gift A Concert is an on demand online performance series produced by Underscore Records Pvt Ltd.

Who can enroll?

IF you are a performer, and would like to be featured in Gift A Concert online series, you can enroll. You could be a dancer, singer, instrumentalist, juggler, dastango, and puppeteer and specialize in any genre – classical, folk, experimental, popular etc

How does an artiste enroll?

Please contact us at pooja@underscorerecords.com , pay a registration fee which is Rs.1000/- per art form you wish to present, fill in the form that you will receive on email and sign the agreement with us via email.

Who can be my host?

Any one who wishes to gift/host your concert for any occasion – a celebration like a birthday, anniversary, festival, or even to host a memorial in the memory of a loved family member. Or, just for the fun of hosting an online performance meant exclusively for invitees, can be your host.

How can I be a host?

If you wish to host a concert of any artiste registered with us, please WhatsApp us at +919824149293 between 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday to Friday or mail us at pooja@underscorerecords.com , pay a consultation fee, get the details and be the host, if our terms go by.

What is our role?

Underscore Records will be your intermediary in this series. We will be using social media to announce this series and your involvement in it. We will also liaise with the host and you to ensure that all details are worked out to mutual satisfaction.

Gift a Concert